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6 Step Resume Writing
The content of your resume must be excellent. Use this 6-step process to aid in condensing your life onto a sheet of paper.

Scannable Resume Design
All large companies and a majority of medium-sized companies scan resumes. Learn the special design considerations to make your resume scanner-friendly.

The Art Of The Letter
A comprehensive article describing the cover letter writing process.

Follow-Up Letters
Wondering what your status is? Follow up.

Thank You Letters
Get that interview? Let them know you appreciate their time and still have interest.

Interviewing: Know Yourself
The exercises in this article will provide you with the self-knowledge you need to answer interview questions.

Interviewing: Know the Employer
Just as you must know yourself, so too must you know your prospective employer. The information you gather will help you anticipate company goals and culture and tailor your responses appropriately.

Difficult Questions
What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What do you look for in a boss? Prepare by reading these helpful tips.

Illegal Questions
Learn how to respond to illegal questions without embarrassing your interviewer and losing the job.

Negotiating Terms
Brush up on negotiation strategy by knowing what you are worth, setting clear goals, knowing your walk-away price, and being fair to your employer.